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The Tree Legacy Committee was created in 2009 out of a Garden Club of America challenge to find places for trees to be planted. The tree farm is located on Valley Street just past Dayton Children’s Hospital in Old North Dayton, the DaVinci Triangle. The Garden Club of Dayton has partnered with Citywide Development and the City of Dayton to provide new trees around the Miami Valley. To date we have 205 trees that appear healthy and growing. Our members log over 250 hours annually watering and pruning the trees to keep them healthy as they grow and await to be transplanted.

Update: 37 trees were harvested from the Valley Street Tree Farm on November 18,2019.  Many of the trees were replanted in a north Dayton at Ridgecrest Park on Saturday November 23, 2019.  Some members of GCD as well as local neighbors came out to help with the planting.  Other trees will be planted in areas affected by the May 2019 tornadoes.  The City of Dayton will replant seedlings next Spring 2020 to replace the harvested 37 trees.  The growth cycle for this first stand of trees harvested was 4 years.